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Baby Shower Cupcakes 8/pc

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Welcome the arrival of your new family member with the delightful "It's a Girl Cupcakes," sweet treats that will fill this special moment with love and sweet memories! These cupcakes are specially crafted to celebrate the birth of your newborn princess and make the perfect sweet gift for the happy family.
Ημέρα Παραλαβής/Παράδοσης
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Welcome the arrival of the baby with the delicious "Baby Shower Cupcakes", the sweets that will add a special touch of sweet hug to your celebration! These cupcakes are specially designed for the occasion of the baby shower and offer the perfect sweet gift for the pleasant wait.
Base: "Baby Shower Cupcakes" taste as sweet as the occasion! Each cupcake features a vanilla buttercream that will touch your heart. If you wish, you can choose from various fillings to add a personal touch to your experience.
Filling: At "Baby Shower Cupcakes", the choice is yours! You can choose your favorite cupcake base from a variety of options including vanilla, chocolate and red velvet, creating the perfect base for your celebration.
Quantity: "Baby Shower Cupcakes" are available in a minimum quantity of 8 pieces, to share the excitement and joy of the baby's arrival with your loved ones. Place your order today and create sweet memories for this special moment! ± 150γρ/ pc

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